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Bringing Authentic Cha to Your Event

We pride ourselves on being a mobile chai bar dedicated to delivering the true and authentic flavors of cha to your special events. Behind our venture are skilled baristas whose expertise lies in capturing the essence of this cherished tradition right at its place of origin. Be it a wedding celebration, a joyous baby shower, or a professional corporate gathering, we are devoted to making your experience profoundly exceptional.

wedding chai cart

Our mission is straightforward: infuse your special moments with the true essence of cha, leaving a lasting impression. Our talented baristas elevate the experience, going beyond the typical self-serve chai cart approach by serving your guests meticulously crafted, authentic cha. Indulge in a variety of delightful cha flavors that our baristas expertly prepare, making your event an immersive and unforgettable cha journey. There’s an irresistible allure to a perfectly brewed cup of cha, and we’re here to ensure your guests savor every sip.

A Unique Cha Bar Experience:

bar counter - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup

Cha Bar

Savor the essence of cha wherever you go, a sip of warmth and flavor

barista - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup


Brewing passion into every cup. Capturing the essence of tradition, one pour at a time.

cup - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup


Savor the journey with cha bar at your special event. Taste the joy in every flavorful sip.

wafer - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup


Perfect companions to your cha journey, savory and sweet delights that elevate every sip.

Chai Cart Cup
Cha Barista from Cha Da Cup

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