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Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup

We cater to events of any scale!

We accommodate a wide range of events, from corporate functions to weddings, private gatherings, office socials, retail pop-ups, charities, and more. Our signature Cha Bar experience infuses the air with the enticing aroma of our carefully curated chai blends, ensuring an unforgettable event.

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A Unique Cha Bar Experience:

bar counter - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup

Cha Bar

Savor the essence of cha wherever you go, a sip of warmth and flavor

barista - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup


Brewing passion into every cup. Capturing the essence of tradition, one pour at a time.

cup - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup


Savor the journey with cha bar at your special event. Taste the joy in every flavorful sip.

wafer - The Cha Bar by Cha Da Cup


Perfect companions to your cha journey, savory and sweet delights that elevate every sip.

Chai Cart Cup
Cha Barista from Cha Da Cup

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